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True's First Adventures is a TV Special that was created to promote True Jackson, VP: The Movie came out, August 1, 1998.


Becky is nervous about her first day of school. So, True Jackson shows her other adventures and that teaches her that new adventures are fun! Features clips from the movie True Jackson, VP: The Movie coming to movie theatres.


  • Taylor Swift
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Big Time Rush
  • Kelly Wainwright
  • Gustavo Rocque

Song ListEdit

  1. You Can Do It ( Scene Taken from: True Jackson, VP: The Movie )
  2. Rainbows Follow the Rain ( Scene Taken from: True Jackson, VP: The Movie )
  3. Frere Jacques ( Scene Taken from: True Jackson, VP: The Movie )
  4. True Jackson VP Theme Song ( Performed by: True and Becky )


  • This video marks the only appearance of Becky.


  1. FBI Warning Screen Copyright
  2. PolyGram Television 1998 Logo
  3. Heatwave / Let's Make Music Preview
  4. True's First Adventures tittle card

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