Shelly is another best friend of True's. The two have known each other since they were little, but hadn't seen each other for awhile since she started working at Mad Style. In the episode "House Party", Shelly says to True that she's changed since she worked at Mad Style and that it seems like she's too busy to hang out with her anymore. True tells her that she still the same person that she's always been and, after Mr. Madigan tells her to cut back on work after it interferes too much with her social life, she and Shelly reconnect. Shelly is also invited to True's Slumber party in "Pajama Party", where she discusses that she had a dream about her and Mikey J. dating, which makes Lulu angry. Lulu tries to wonder why Shelly has feelings about her boyfriend, but Shelly just tells Lulu that it was only a dream and she doesn't have those feelings for Mikey J