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Pinky Turzo
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Pink
Family & Friends
Enemies: True Jackson, Lulu, and Ryan
Pinky Turzo is True's archenemy, played by Jennette McCurdy.  She first appears in "True Hires A Pink" and later in "True Drama". 

Pinky turzo 000


Pinky is rude, obnoxious, and loves rollerskating.  She's the typical "bad girl" who intimidates others and bosses people around.  She enjoys annoying people through any means possible.  In addition, she threatens Ryan quietly so no one else can hear.  She's bad at designing clothes, as seen in "True Drama".  In that same episode, it is revealed that she loves to get revenge and play pranks on people as well.  It has been shown that she will team up with her enemies (such as True) if she feels she can gain something from it.  Pinky's personality is similar to that of Sam Puckett, Jennette's starring character on "iCarly". 


True JacksonEdit

True is Pinky's main rival.  True becomes nervous whenever Pinky is around and is prone to mess up, although she seemed to get over this after "True Hires A Pink".  She nearly drew True over to "the dark side" in "True Drama" by convincing her to help with a prank to get back at Kelsey.  The prank backfired and Pinky herself ended up being the victim of it.

Ryan LaserbeamEdit

Pinky threatens Ryan a few times during "True Hires A Pink".  He later puts her in charge of designing the clothes for his play in "True Drama". but fires her after Kelsey tells him to.

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