Heatwave / Let's Make Music is a True Jackson, VP two bonus pack was the first video disturbed by Paramount.


Heatwave (Getting Hot)

Amanda Cantwell is having her picture, because she not likes a cat on her head like Connie Cathead. Lulu hates her.

Let's Make Music (Let's Go to the Fair)

It's time for a musical adventure at True's Fantasy Fair! When a little girl named Melanie is going to the fair to perform.

Song ListEdit

  1. True Jackson VP Theme Song ( only in Heatwave )
  2. End Credits
  3. True Jackson VP Theme Song ( only in the UK )
  4. Trying on Dreams
  5. I Just Can't Wait
  6. I Hear Music Everywhere
  7. I'm a Vice Presdient as VP
  8. Adventuring at the Fair
  9. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  10. Trying Something New

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