Series Name
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date 2017
Written by Andy Gordon

Dan Kopelman

Directed by Gary Halvorson
Episode Guide
Testing True
True Crush

Fashion Week is the 22nd episode of Season 1.

True wants to get her dream dress into Young Designers Showcase, but Jobi, Amanda's old assistant, rejected her design. Also, Ryan brang his pet hamster Chewy to Mad Style which caused lots of trouble. Chewy runs over Kopelman's head and goes in Mr Madigan's piano. It's up to Jimmy and Ryan to find Chewy and get him out before he runs into more trouble.

True and Lulu dress as security guards to sneak in the Fashion Show. Amanda made it there by climbing down a pole. The trio were soon discovered by Jobi. While Lulu and Amanda escape, True is chased by the security guards. As she reaches the stage, she takes off her jacket and shows her dress, and many people adore it. Jobi nearly sucks True into a heap of trouble, but a sandbag accidentally fell on him. Meanwhile, Jimmy accidentally breaks on Max's piano and Ryan accidentally tips and breaks Max's shelf. When Max sees this, he escorts them out. When he discovered Chewy, he started to become friends with him after sharing it his sandwich.

Back at Mad Style, Lulu reveals that she and Amanda saw her presentation from the sky stage. Lulu also says that when she and Amanda were about to leave, Lulu accidentally kicked a sand bag. True won't even bother telling Lulu that the sand bag fell on Jobi.

In the end, True, Lulu, Ryan, Amanda, Oscar, Jimmy and Max (in an outfit for a bagpipe player and playing a bagpipe) all go to Happy Berry Yum Yum.


  • This is the first episode all the seven Season 2 main characters (True, Lulu, Ryan, Amanda, Oscar, Jimmy and Max) appear all together, at least at the end of the episode.