This is the Episode Guide for Season 1 & 2. The first season premiered on November 8, 2008 and the second season is planned to have 34 episodes.

Season 1: 2008-2009Edit

Season 1 has 26 episodes.

Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, Matt Shively, Danielle Bisutti appear in all the episodes.

Even though Ron Butler was not in the main cast, he appeared in all episodes.

1. Pilot

2. Firing Lulu

3. Babysitting Dakota

4. Ryan on Wheels

5. Telling Amanda

6. The Prototype

7. ReTRUEiun

8. True Takes Iceland

9. True Matchmaker

10. The Rival

11. Company Retreat

12. Keeping Tabs

13. Red Carpet

14. Switcheroo

15. True Intrigue

16. Amanda Hires a Pink

17. Max Mannequin

18. True's New Assistant

19. House Party

20. Back to School

21. Testing True

22. Fashion Week

23. True Crush

24. The Hotshot

25. The Wedding

26. The Dance

Season 2: 2009-2011Edit

Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, and Matt Shively appear in all the episodes.

Robbie Amell was absent for one episode.

Danielle Bisutti was absent for two episodes.

Ron Butler was absent for eleven episodes.

Greg Proops was absent for twelve episodes.

1. True Concert

2. The New Kid

3. Flirting With Fame

4. True Parade

5. True Drama

6. My Boss Ate My Homework

7. Little Buddies

8. True Valentine

9. True Date

10. The Hunky Librarian

11. Saving Snackleberry

12. Pyjama Party

13. The Gift

14. True Royal

15. True Fear

16. The Reject Room

17. Mission Gone Bad

18. Trapped in Paris

19. Heatwave

20. True Magic

21. True Luck

22. The Fifth of Prankuary

23. Mad Rocks

24. True Secret

25. Class Election

26. True Drive

27. True Disaster

28. True Fame

29. Field Trip

30. Principal for a Day

31. True Mall

32. Ditch Day

33. Mystery in Peru

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