Max Turns The Office into a jungle with everyone trying to learned exceriseand team building.

Everyone started blowing their secrets to each other. True is with Amanda, Oscar is with Amanda's new assistant, Lulu is with Max and Ryan is with Jimmy.


True Jackson: She has a crush on Jimmy

Amanda Cantwell: She broke Max Madigan's horse statue with her evil voice

Oscar: He broke Max Madigan's horse statue several times and keeps replacing it so he wouldn't know

Coral: She seeks revenge on Amanda for firing her sister for no apparent reason. Every mint she gives to Amanda in this episode is full of coffee

Lulu Johnson: She wishes people didn't think she's dumb

Max Madigan: He plans to sell the company after his horse statue was broken

Ryan Laserbeam: He broke Max's statue by accidentally tipping a coatrack.

Jimmy Madigan: He has never eaten tuna fish