Season 1Edit

1 Pilot

True Jackson, a 15 year old sandwich salesgirl with a flare for fashion, gets a job as the Vice President of the fashion magazine "Mad Style."

2 Firing Lulu

When Lulu makes a major mistake on a project, True must decide if she is going to keep Lulu as her assistant.

3 Babysitting dakota

True is forced to babysit a high maintenance model.

4 Ryan on Wheels

When True is put in charge of a project that requires her to have skateboarding knowledge, Lulu and True come up with a plan to sneak into a local skate park.

5 Telling Amanda

When True, Ryan and Lulu learn that Amanda's boyfriend is cheating on her, True decides to tell Amanda the truth.

6 The Prototype

True accidentally lends Lulu an important prototype dress for a school dance.

7 ReTRUEnion

Amanda overloads on beauty products after hearing of an upcoming high school reunion.

8 True Takes Iceland

True has a tough time trying to sell her own line of clothes to an Icelandic fashion store owner.

9 True Matchmaker

Amanda and Oscar bond over their love of a TV show while True sets Max up with her school librarian.

10 The Rival

True must decide whether or not she's willing to switch jobs when Max's enemy offers her a better job.

11 Company Retreat

Max sets up a company retreat so that everyone in the office will learn to trust each other.

12 Keeping Tabs

The accounting department has a bone to pick with True after she spends an excessive amount of money on her company credit card.

13 Red Carpet

True is asked to design a dress for a celebrity but is worried about getting her first reviews.

14 Switcheroo

Max assigns everyone for a different job for the day.

15 True Intrigue

Max returns from his trip to Africa, bringing with him a secret environmentally-friendly fabric that he discovered.True and Amanda must help him protect it from a coporate spy.

16 Amanda Hires a Pink

Amanda hires Pinky, a mean girl from True's School, to be her assistant. The distraction makes True forget to order a special farbic.

17 Max Mannequin

True, Ryan and Lulu help Max propose to his girlfriend, Doris.

18 True's New Assistant

True's science teacher acts as her assistant for a week.

19 House Party

True's busy work schedule takes its toll on her social life.

20 Back To School

School is back in session, and when True's job begins to interfere with school, she has to make a decision. Will she quit her job at Mad Style, or find a way to fix her problem?

School is back in session, and when True's job begins to interfere with school, she has to make a decision. Will she quit her job at Mad Style, or find a way to fix her problem?

21 Fashion Week

True is determined to present her dress in the Young Designers Showcase during Fashion Week.

22 True Crush

True gets two tickets to the Last Minute Ball and hopes to go with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Lulu and Ryan complete to be True's date to the ball.

23 The Hotshot

True is excited when Mr Madigan hires another teen fashion designer for Mad Style.

24 The Wedding

True and Amanda compete to design the bridal gown for Mr. Madigan's wedding. Later, True is forced to save the day when the wedding planner quits.

25 The Dance

Ryan Films a scary movie in Mad Style after hours. Meanwhile True teaches Mikey J how to dance.

Season 2Edit

1 True Concert True and her friends organise a fundraising concert for the school's design department. Justin Bieber guest stars.

2 Li'l Shakespeare

True gets close to her new boyfriend before he leaves for his upcoming tour. A secret admirer seeks True's attention.

<u>3 True Parade

After Max challenges the designers to all come up with a big idea that will help promote Mad Style, True designs a jacket for game show host, Burt Burlington, to wear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

4 True Drama

Ryan directs the school play and tries to please leading lady Kelsey at all costs, even if it means upsetting True and Lulu.

5 My Boss Ate My Homework

After accidentally eating a flash drive containing True's homework, Max must attend detention at her school.

6 Little Buddies

True, Lulu and Ryan mentor freshman. True mentors a shy girl who may ruin her chances of getting her dress noticed by a famous designer.

7 True Valentine

Hesitation and miscommunication result in True and Jimmy going to a Valentine's dance just as friends, even though they both want something more than they're willing to admit.

8 True Date

True and Jimmy worry about their first date when Max imposes a no dating in the office policy.

9 The Hunky Librarian

Max becomes increasingly jealous of the new "hunky" librarian at Doris' work. Unfortunately, True is pulled into the drama, despite her protests.

10 Saving Snackleberry

Much to the dismay of True and Lulu, they mistakenly plan Max's dinner party at a hobo-themed restaurant.

11 Pyjama Party

Amanda crashes True's slumber party. Meanwhile, Ryan and Jimmy's movie preview turns into quite the adventure.

12 The Gift

True and Lulu arrange a surprise office visit from Mr. Madigan's Uncle Cheswick as a birthday gift, but get a surprise when he arrives.

13 True Royalty

True designs a tuxedo for a young royal, then causes international crisis when she gives him a tour of New York City.

14 True Fear

True must overcome her fear of public speaking in order to give a speech at work. Elsewhere, Ryan and Lulu suspect the company's new male model is a vampire.

15 The Reject Room

True is shocked when she discovers some of her designs didn't make the cut and are in the Reject Room.

16 Mission Gone Mad

True and Lulu accidentally get Mrs. Madigan's wedding ring sent to Paris, so they head overseas to retrieve it. While traveling, they make a new friend, yet their journey is anything but smooth sailing.

17 Heatwave

Max's special supply of ice cream melts after everyone piles into the cool room where it's stored, so True must replace it before Max discovers what happened.

18 True Magic

Hank retires and a new girl takes his place. Unfortunately, she may wreck True's chances of dating Jimmy.

19 True Luck

True's uncle comes to visit, bringing bad luck with him. Meanwhile, Lulu starts to wonder if she has feelings for Ryan after having a dream about him.

20 The Fifth of Prankuary

Mr. Madigan tells everyone about an annual pranking holiday and challenges all to outdo him. The next day, Miss Park is out sick and "Mr. Maffigan" fills in. Assuming it's Mr. Madigan, True and Lulu throw out the class's surprise exam, and must get it back.

21 Mad Rocks

True does not want to give Lulu more responsibility but allows her to put on a fashion show at Mad Style.

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