Played by:

Danielle Bisutti

Amanda Cantwell (Danielle Bisutti) is the Vice President of Women's Apparel at MadStyle. Amanda is considered the most complex character of the series. She is constantly trying to get True fired and often picks on her. Amanda wants to turn True's office into a gym or closet. Once in a blue moon, however, True and Amanda may work together on things, with Amanda even giving True advice. She is allergic to hazelnut. Usually because of her plans of getting True fired backfire, many unfortunate things happen to her, such as her dress falling off while she is modeling it, and having to feed True and her friends ice cream in a chicken suit. In True Matchmaker, it is revealed that she (as well as Oscar) is addicted to a soap opera called Space Plantation. In the episode when Max turned the building in a jungle retreat it is revealed that her secret was that she broke Max Madigan's horse statue. She usually snorts like a pig when she is laughing.

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Amanda Cantwell